Our Most

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will my Confections cookies remain fresh after I purchase them?

    All Confections cookies are carefully packaged with an airtight seal. Assuming that packaging is carefully resealed after each opening, you can expect to enjoy your cookies at optimum freshness for up to 10 days. We can practically guarantee that they won’t last that long, however.
  • What will happen to my Confections cookies if I forget to close the airtight seal?

    You will receive your Confections cookie order within 24 short hours of it being baked and as such, you will receive a crisp and fresh product. With the humidity levels in the air being consistently high in Bermuda, failing to maintain an airtight seal will result in a cookie that loses its crispness and becomes soggy and “flat” within a few short minutes of being exposed to the air. To ensure continued enjoyment of our cookies, remember this simple rule – HUMIDITY IS THE DEVIL.
  • Do Confections cookies contain any additives or preservatives?

    Yes. We add a dollop of love and a heaping spoonful of passion to each and every batch. That’s about it!
  • Do your Pink Sand Sugar Cookies contain actual pink beach sand?

    No. These cookies have been sprinkled with hand-crafted sugar sprinkles which have been designed to resemble the coarse coral and shell content of our beaches. 100% edible and 100% delicious.
  • Are Confections cookies fat free?

    Absolutely! We wouldn’t dream of charging extra for it! Just kidding. Nope, our cookies contain all of those indulgences that make the world go round (including fat). If it makes you feel any better, though, it can be our little secret.
  • I’d like to get a jump start on my Christmas list. If I order my cookies in early November/December for the week of Christmas, will I get fresh cookies in my order?

    Absolutely! Notwithstanding that orders may be received well in advance of their due date, our cookies are baked no earlier than 24-48 hours before their due date. Freshness and quality are our most key ingredients. Guaranteed!
  • Can I place my order and pay online?

    At the moment, you can place your order by sending us an email or by completing an online form on our website. You can pay over the phone by credit card or we would be delighted to receive your payment at pick up or on delivery of your order.
  • Do you have a gluten-free cookie?

    Not yet but watch this space.
  • Can I have my cookies delivered?

    You may order your cookies and have them delivered locally to your home or hotel anywhere on the island. (Delivery charges apply) You can also collect your order from Confections HQ or arrange for shipment overseas.  Ask us about your options.
  • Do you ship parcels overseas?

    Yes.  Ask us for a quote for shipping.
  • I have food allergies. Do I need to be concerned about your cookies?

    Confections cookies are prepared in a nut free facility (unless you include the owner, of course) and contain no nuts. Our ingredients include special flavorings and spices which are proprietary. They contain gluten and dairy. If you have a particular concern or food allergy, please contact us and we will address any ingredient concerns that you may have.
  • I am allergic to nuts. Do I need to be concerned about your cookies?

    Not at all. Confections cookies are prepared in a nut free facility (unless you include the baker, of course).
  • How much notice do you need to process my Confections order?

    Confections cookies are baked fresh and to order. We therefore need lead time of at least 2 days to ensure that you receive the quality you have come to love and expect of us. Larger order require as much notice as possible.  
  • I can’t get over how much your sprinkles look like real sand. Are you sure that there is no actual pink sand in there?

    We are very proud of our handmade Bermuda Pink Sand Sprinkles and work very hard to ensure that they resemble our pink sand beaches.  We are flattered that you think that they look like the real thing but they are handmade in our bakery and are made with sugar, love and a little Bermuda Majid – no sand though.