Hello, Its Our Pleasure

Serving You

We are delighted that you stopped by for a visit. We hope that this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship but first, please indulge us a moment to tell you a bit about Confections and our philosophy. Confections is a licensed specialty bakery passionately dedicated to the simple beauty and nostalgia of the traditional Bermuda sugar cookie.
Our recipe has been tried, tested and painstakingly perfected for well over 20 years thereby ensuring that each cookie has a seamless and delectable blend of airy lightness, a respectable crunch and just enough sweet persuasion to keep you coming back for more. Never too much. Always just right.

Our mission

is really quite simple. No world domination or anything so grandiose (well, not yet anyway). We simply want to create a consistently delicious traditional Bermuda cookie that slowly but surely becomes part of your soul and stays there and to present it in sumptuous packaging designed to take your breath away. We would then like lightning to strike twice when you present your Confections gift parcel to your loved one, colleague or client. At Confections, we understand just how much the people you care about mean to you and how important it is to you that they know it. This understanding filters into absolutely everything that we do from baking to quality assurance to presentation and delivery. We take your gift giving very personally. We are Confections, the purveyors of the decadent and the beautiful. We are relentlessly committed to celebrating the sweetness of life and we’d love to meet you.
The History Of

Bermuda “Pink Sand” Sugar Cookies

Bermuda’s Famous “icing Sugar” pink beaches are formed with an oceanic recipe consisting of fine white sand mixed with a medley of finely pulverized sea shells and skeletons of corals and marine micro-organisms such as Foraminifera (Foram). One Foram in particular, Homotrema Rubrum (red Foram), thrives on the underside of Bermuda’s coral reef formation and possesses a dark, red skeleton. It is this skeleton that is primarily responsible for the pink hue of our beaches.
When the organism dies its skeleton drifts to the ocean floor, wave action erodes the skeletons which tne become blended with other marine debris like the shells of clams, snails and sea urchins. These “ingredients” are eventually washed ashore forming our breath taking beaches. These “Pink Sand” sugar cookies by confections were lovingly made in celebration of Bermuda’s Beaches. Please enjoy them both during your visit or take them home as a sweet reminder of your stay on the island.